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Trap Demotivational Poster

EPIC TRAP - If you fall for it, you're getting your just reward!

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commenter - December 2, 2010, 3:21 am
this is so not called for, guys, it;s a girl with a thing-a-ma-jig and this is not right.
Mr.Danger260 - September 17, 2009, 2:05 am
Not only does she have a Thing-a-ma-jig,but she is obviously under aged,so yes,just rewards.
Sean - August 26, 2009, 9:27 pm
I've heard of love handles but this is ridiculous. *shakes cigar*
MO - May 5, 2009, 4:30 pm
Could be a rare and oft misunderstood Nannerpus.
party - May 5, 2009, 3:42 pm
aaaaaah. she's got wood
Anon - April 13, 2009, 11:11 pm
Do want!
Bobbins - February 13, 2009, 5:38 pm
Now available with added penis
barockeva - January 30, 2009, 2:21 am
Prison, here I come.
agdaniele - January 25, 2009, 10:19 pm
Now, according to the Chinese gymnastics team....

IT'S A TRAP! - An Admiral should know better

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Claire - May 28, 2010, 7:16 pm
I lol'd.

ADMIRAL ACKBAR - Pointing Out the Obvious a Little Too Late Since 1983

thai girlfriend -

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DEVIL'S TRAP - Effective on more than just demons.

CHRIS HANSEN - Set this.

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bill - October 11, 2009, 3:40 pm
its a pedo-beartrap

SAME SONG - different day

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thecrotchetyoldcynic - April 27, 2013, 12:49 pm
Great visual that really brings out the point. 5L + faved.
sniperslayer95 - July 14, 2011, 6:35 pm
well that may be the most true thing ive everseen


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COME A LITTLE CLOSER... - Hmmm im not sure but i think its a trap....

REALISATION - The early bird catches the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese

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champ99 - June 9, 2011, 2:51 pm
Ahhh, the old surfing for porn trick. That has to be a Grey beard! ;)
GySgt1811 - June 9, 2011, 12:40 pm
Don't forget the breath mints.

VACATION TIME AGAIN - It really gets fun when I finally chew through the straps.

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MY MIND - It's like a steel trap... rusty and illegal in 37 states.

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NickDahlmier - May 29, 2016, 5:13 pm
I'm suddenly reminded of a summer, many years ago....
fascistfrenchman - December 18, 2010, 6:51 am
Are you concealing anything, because it looks like you're about to get a pat down.
GySgt1811 - December 16, 2010, 5:03 pm
If only I could be so "chaste!"


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Hinoron - December 4, 2015, 3:46 pm
My favourite will always be: "I feel it unfair to blame the jeans."
nicholsjoshua15 - January 4, 2014, 10:41 pm
Reach over, slap her a*s, and head out the door like a boss.
MrDamage - March 7, 2013, 3:07 am
OMG!!! It's like they're a magnifying glass! [with a big evil grin] :)
Zcorrecttheory - October 13, 2011, 10:11 am
I say be honest. Emotions come and go.
Zcorrecttheory - October 13, 2011, 10:11 am
Or if her ass looks fat.
Skulrath - October 12, 2011, 4:39 pm
I know this answer, because of the insatiable flirt I am!!! "You look better without any at all."
Artaxias - September 24, 2011, 5:05 pm
Suicide is a viable option to avoiding this question.
Raligard - September 24, 2011, 3:57 am
Just start running now...
CloudchaserS - September 23, 2011, 1:16 am
Any woman who asks that question is probably fat and is really just seeking reassurance that she's not fat
mariand - September 22, 2011, 6:44 pm
even avoiding the answer isn't a good answer... man, we are lost...lmao

ACKBAR FOR ALLAH - Actually isn't much of a stretch


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Verdeckt - June 10, 2011, 4:02 am
Ackbar cleans up NICE!

SCHRöDINGER - Professional Trap, Furry, and Nazi Warrant officer

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SomeDude - April 25, 2009, 8:25 pm
Anon - April 13, 2009, 11:09 pm
A dangerous combination.

HI LUKE - I don't really know how to tell you this... Don't be upset, but... I used to be your father

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psychosythe - February 16, 2011, 9:55 pm
he is the chosen 2


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Mux - May 23, 2011, 6:36 pm
You can cheat. Tilt the beartrap upsidedown. Then just take the heart. :D
forseti - May 21, 2011, 6:48 am
awe5ome picture!
Greeny - May 20, 2011, 10:35 pm
at least not until after it's posted,
Peso - May 20, 2011, 5:08 pm
Shit! I never misspell...


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GIVING OPINIONS - is like a bad habit, you know you shouldn't but you just really want to.

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maoworks2 - December 31, 2011, 4:35 pm
Push The Button .

MILF BAIT - Before springing the trap, lure them out with chocolate chip cookies.

TIMMY TRAP - Have a Timmy that just wont leave you alone?

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tryal - June 14, 2010, 7:50 am
im pretty sure that is a green beer, could be wrong though
Anonymous2 - June 12, 2010, 1:26 am
That's not a Timmy Trap, that's Guinness there. A Timmy Trap would have Coors Light or some other lesser beer.
Kung-Fu Devil - June 11, 2010, 7:29 pm
Equal Opportunities in the Armed Forces. Almost brings saliva to the corner of your mouth.
Anything - June 11, 2010, 6:17 pm
How'd you get in there ? Recommendation letter from Mom ?
Timmah - June 11, 2010, 5:34 pm
The funny thing is I am in the army

IT'S A TRAP! - After that, find the computer room!

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How to find a husband -

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spacedog - October 23, 2013, 5:50 pm
Mrs. spacedog thinks I'm husband material... Unfortunately that just means she wants the house painted.
MissPriss - October 22, 2013, 7:48 pm
Of course it is...keeps the beer cold. Thanks for the vote Mr. Jesus.
MissPriss - October 22, 2013, 7:47 pm
I'll give ya an even 6 as a thanks for the vote.
MissPriss - October 22, 2013, 7:46 pm
5 hangovers? So you're the one that keeps escaping! Thanks for the vote Grey...glad to see ya around.
MissPriss - October 22, 2013, 7:44 pm
You saying you're husband material space? Hmmm, best go check my trap line. Thanks for the vote.
JesusWept - October 22, 2013, 1:10 pm
Hockey and beer....a divine combination! 5 slap shots!
maoworks2 - October 22, 2013, 7:52 am
I Think That's What I Need 5 Cold Canadian L's
Greybeard - October 21, 2013, 11:41 pm
5 hangovers. Awesome poster as usual. :)
spacedog - October 21, 2013, 6:12 pm
5 Beers! Wait, how do I get out of this thing? I guess I'll just drink Em here then.

The Bait -

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motifake - August 22, 2010, 10:31 am

I cringe just looking at this... ugh
Hawamleh - August 22, 2010, 4:03 am
Pretty Good Poster, 4L from Me, Keep It Up.


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zxc - December 15, 2008, 11:11 am
then you're stupid, no one says you need to love it, its hot, but you cant love it
aPauling - September 25, 2008, 3:44 pm
I don't care either. But I don't care because it is a cartoon character!

TRAP - Now this is a trap!

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lightquake - February 13, 2010, 6:52 pm
fuzzy-wuz - February 13, 2009, 4:13 am
pro - October 18, 2008, 5:33 am
Michael Jackson? Gary Glitter?
SGT P - October 17, 2008, 11:02 pm
Okay...I see the bait...what are we trapping?

TOP OF THE CAGE. - GODDARNIT!! I told you to secure it, Now the "GINGERS" are getting away!!

Australia -

AGGY - Apparently he's now in charge of the Motifake Complaint Department.

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agdaniele - May 1, 2010, 10:50 pm
A trap.... and a back-handed compliment, if I'm not mistaken.
agdaniele - May 1, 2010, 10:44 pm
Sean - May 1, 2010, 10:36 pm
Wait!!!!! It's a trap!
agdaniele - May 1, 2010, 10:13 pm



IT'S A TRAP! - The cake is a lie.

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KageOokami - May 16, 2011, 12:49 am
Knowing the odds, I'd say most likely.
Greeny - May 15, 2011, 11:15 pm
Is this about those 'surprise' cakes that have a squirty thingy that pops out from beneath the frosting when you least expect it?

TEXAS SPEED TRAP - One of the reasons why you don't mess with Texas.

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MashiMashi - December 27, 2011, 9:37 am
Ya eva see ROBO-COP, remmebr the ED-209 scene computers malfunction. besides if this was in texas it'd be surrounded by fire.
bob - April 25, 2009, 11:09 am


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IT'S A MAC - Our Shields Can Not Handle Fail of This Magnitude

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Mateusz - July 30, 2010, 4:05 pm
Of coruse, if you're using Windows, the shiels have probably already crashed and bluescreened.
phydeaux - December 21, 2009, 1:01 am
Even better was buying Perot at 8...before they got bought by Dell and selling at 30.
alohadude3 - December 20, 2009, 7:48 pm
The mac vs Pc thing is so 2001 and you should have bought APL at $24 a share, thats putting your money where your mouth is. When you do the math remember the stock split.
Derek - December 20, 2009, 6:20 pm
That's exactly what jealousy sounds like

A TRAP - this is one

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ADMIRAL ACKBAR - Agrees that this is a trap

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your momma - August 19, 2008, 4:26 pm
if you honestly think he looks like a girl than i would like to see the girls you hang around with! their obviously keeping a secret from you!
Leviathan - August 19, 2008, 4:03 pm
Lol. That's not sexy. That's Jeffree Star. He's a guy. Who looks amazingly like a girl. That it's sick.

VENUS FLY TRAP - Yeah... That's what it is...

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GG - September 8, 2008, 3:01 am
"...and that's the ballgame." This is a venus fly trap just like my tomato plant.
Ginny - March 4, 2008, 11:52 pm
Except that it is a poppy....

Disney World -

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MissPriss - November 14, 2013, 1:33 pm
Thanks Sho! I figure between your ghoulishness and my foolishness, we will one day rule motinet! Or get a lot of 5L's...meh.
MissPriss - November 14, 2013, 1:30 pm
Well thanks for laughing little...I couldn't ask for anything more.
MissPriss - November 14, 2013, 1:30 pm
That's a good thing right? Thanks for the compliment Mr. Gary!
Sho - November 14, 2013, 10:08 am
You can always count on Miss P for them good 5Lols
chickenlittle - November 14, 2013, 9:12 am
Thanks for the laugh MissPriss! :D
GaryO - November 14, 2013, 8:45 am
Missy…yer posters……my head; POOOM!


TRAPS - keep an eye out for them

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More motifakes by Airman

CaptainBaked - April 20, 2011, 12:43 pm
HAHA! Brilliant..
5150monkeylove - February 8, 2011, 6:23 am
you have got to really push hard to see anything like that, dude. There are medications that help with paranoia.
Feralpumpkin - February 8, 2011, 4:52 am
5 Pointed white hoods for the unintentional racism. If you don't get it... well... That's obie kabie
alrodz - February 5, 2011, 9:40 am
it sure does..
Demaclies - February 5, 2011, 12:07 am
IllicoPresto - February 3, 2011, 5:39 pm
Hmmm, i don't get it. Must Google "Motifake" and see where that goes...
AdmiralAckbar - February 2, 2011, 11:29 pm
hey, that's my specialty
Derek - February 2, 2011, 9:44 pm
rerun - February 2, 2011, 7:59 pm

I can relate


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More motifakes by spacedog

tellitlikeitis - April 14, 2011, 8:58 pm
Here, here... aren't we all. 5 bandages (and/or stitches for you).
Faceplant31 - April 4, 2011, 11:05 am

PICKING YOUR POISON - life is full of choices

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More motifakes by Airman

frixxxx - June 8, 2010, 11:01 am
And you have my permission to use Miss Alison in any and all future Postings. 5L
R.S.Jake - June 8, 2010, 11:00 am
Looks like a good chioce of poison to me...5 years!


SPEED LIMITS - Strictly enforced

SCIENTOLOGY - Simply A Business

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More motifakes by giulio

hootizz - June 28, 2010, 4:44 pm
Derek...?? Derek is that you...??
iamjet - September 18, 2009, 4:24 pm
In Hollywood near some building that was his or dedicated to him, I was told that L. Ron started Scientology over a bar bet that he could form his own religion. Guess he won.
Mooooooooooooooooooo - September 13, 2009, 2:07 am
Out Their what?Pick up a dictionary.....It's the big book next the bible....yeah...that one ..... The other doorstop.
Marineav - September 12, 2009, 11:39 pm
Actually a cult is just a new religion. Every religion out their started out as a cult. The actual definition of the word is in no way negative.
Chobs - August 30, 2009, 2:37 am
Scientology is a cult everywhere.
ForKane - August 20, 2009, 5:11 pm
Cult: Fanatical group of manaical weapon bearing zealots.
Canuck - May 4, 2009, 5:37 pm
The difference between a religion and a cult...? Tax status. In the U.S scientology is a religion, in germany it's a cult.
Canuck - May 4, 2009, 2:32 pm
"Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion" L.Ron Hubbard
CRaSH... - May 4, 2009, 1:54 am
Anonymous pisses me off. Scientology, however, pisses me off more... so... Right on to the Idiots of Anonymous, with your hacker skills and V masks. Really, though, WTF is up with Rapter Jesus?
gonepostal42 - May 4, 2009, 1:09 am
The only difference between a religion and a cult is the amount of real estate it owns.
barockeva - April 23, 2009, 11:18 pm
Religion, Cult, what's the difference.
Hakiu - January 2, 2009, 12:15 am
Scientology fake? Really OMFG the world is coming to an end.....wait a minute it was made up by some bullshit Sci-Fi Virgin living with his mother writer, my bad.
Lain - January 1, 2009, 8:42 pm
All religions are business
spitfire111 - January 1, 2009, 7:15 pm
I don't know what is scarier, the fake Scientology or that guys v mask...
Hakiu - January 1, 2009, 7:04 pm
A business cult?

THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE - To Keep And Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed

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More motifakes by Retrochcop

know_it_all - March 15, 2010, 4:44 pm
i lost all of mine in a tragic boating accident...
rerun - March 14, 2010, 11:06 am

all of his belong to soebody else.....right Dave?
agdaniele - March 14, 2010, 10:50 am
Even if they belong to someone else?

CUBBYBEAR TRAP - I always knew it would be some hot chick that finally got him

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More motifakes by motinet

bOB cHIN - September 18, 2009, 10:58 am
Jeebus...not only cubby, but the Pink Panther, Snoopy, Hello Kitty, Bugz, and the Rainbow unicorn. But whose shoes, connected to those ankle stubs?


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More motifakes by Reality Lord

Peso - February 2, 2011, 6:42 am
Awesome 5Ls
spacedog - February 1, 2011, 9:01 pm
Very nice RL.
Reality Lord - February 1, 2011, 7:13 pm

whoa....i am humbled.
Airman - February 1, 2011, 6:55 pm
I second that
rerun - February 1, 2011, 6:43 pm



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More motifakes by Cubbybear

AdmiralAckbar - September 24, 2010, 9:35 pm
Her eyes, they could wash away any other thoughts I had
Faceplant31 - September 24, 2010, 11:52 am
shut your mouth! you of all people know i can't spell worth shiot
GreyScorpion - September 24, 2010, 11:41 am
you think she's Emo?
Faceplant31 - September 24, 2010, 11:04 am
very cut girl
Ed-Hyde - September 24, 2010, 8:50 am
Om Nom nom. words, what are those?
forseti - September 24, 2010, 2:59 am
Wasn't the first redhead I saw from you (and surely not the last, eh?).
Cubbybear - September 24, 2010, 2:52 am
Credit the photo to Ackbar
forseti - September 24, 2010, 2:12 am
holy crab. I never was into this redhead thing but thx to cubby now I am.
agdaniele - September 24, 2010, 1:15 am
What a sexy nose.





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More motifakes by culos

boinger - March 9, 2011, 1:59 pm
why is she pulling Rosie O'Donnell
TED - March 19, 2010, 3:02 pm
EASE up lady, give it a break, it's swollen really bad, maybe infected!
spacedog - December 10, 2009, 8:33 pm
HA! There must be hundreds of seagulls following that lady and her wagon.
BoneCD - December 10, 2009, 6:38 pm
...and the show goes on the road
sickartist - December 10, 2009, 10:21 am
are you sure that's not just her menstrual cycle?


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More motifakes by Briton of Rose

bill - October 14, 2009, 9:05 am
powergirl is my kriptonite
Anonoman - June 12, 2009, 7:02 pm
Less talking, more fucking.
Culos - February 12, 2009, 4:15 am
No my dear it is perfectly balanced with your boobies. If you had less booty you'd fall over for sure.....
Merlin - February 11, 2009, 8:30 pm
I agree with... um...
Cubbybear - February 11, 2009, 6:42 pm
I'm sorry...did you say something?


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More motifakes by BoneCD

freestyler - September 20, 2009, 10:22 am
Thats deep

DON'T GO IN! - It's a trap! Pretty obvious one too...

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Rating: 3.1/5

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YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT - As long as you don't bite down

FACE IT, GUYS - If you can sit on THIS, you can sit on ANYTHING!

TWO LEGGED SNAPPER TRAP - I got one I got one


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A TRAP - you fall in this one. you just call her 'she'.

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Rating: 1.29/5
StupidPeopleNeedNotReply - August 31, 2008, 3:32 pm
^^ Need I say more?

there are no dumb questions -

Confidence -

money maker -

Memories of Mom -

happiness -

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More motifakes by rerun

Zetmonk - June 13, 2013, 6:50 am
Happiness isn't gangsta...


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More motifakes by gas


Colorado - It's A Trap -

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More motifakes by n07y0ur5

prideside5 - June 3, 2013, 9:35 pm
No joke, Old Chief Niwots curse. Google it. That's how Ackbar knew.

Early Bird Gets the Worm -

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Rating: 4.67/5

More motifakes by demon001

lgvernon - May 22, 2014, 12:44 pm

And part of the first mouse, usually.

beer -

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Rating: 4.6/5

More motifakes by rerun

zoomer296 - April 25, 2013, 12:08 am
It looks more like a dodo...
TheSanityInspector - April 24, 2013, 6:13 pm
The second mouse gets the cheese.
CloudchaserS - April 24, 2013, 12:47 am
Fark user trap?
Silverheart - April 23, 2013, 10:57 pm

Anyone elso notice the duck, directly above the word 'beer'? This a sho trap?


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More motifakes by forseti

forseti - September 21, 2010, 10:50 am
thx! some fortunate circumstances lead to this text.
Faceplant31 - September 21, 2010, 9:40 am
Nice one skinny

LEPRECHAUN BOOBYTRAPS - Finding the pot of gold isn't the hardest part. It's disabling all the traps on the pot.

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More motifakes by Silverheart

falloutghoul - December 25, 2012, 7:25 pm
Like the lightning rod.


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Rating: 4.09/5

More motifakes by Airman

Trapped Miners -

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Rating: 3.67/5

More motifakes by Ashson

Ashson - May 18, 2014, 7:25 pm
I'm out of touch. Hadn't heard. This is an old motivator from when some New Zealand miners were trapped and rescued.
MissPriss - May 18, 2014, 2:26 pm
Poorly timed with death toll at over 300 at the recent mine incident. Prefer to leave a comment rather than a vote.


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Rating: 3.57/5

More motifakes by Sho


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Rating: 3.4/5

More motifakes by ughomer

fascistfrenchman - June 26, 2012, 6:54 am
Your puns are better than the Motifake :) You should redo this Motifake, pickleviper
pickleviper - May 28, 2012, 7:44 pm
Doesn't beat a Full Mouse. Or a Royal Crush. I'll stop now. Sorry, puns are not my forte. Haven't really discovered my actual forte yet, but...

RYAN SEACREST - come and get it

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More motifakes by guyfox


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Rating: 2.77/5


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Rating: 2.38/5

More motifakes by bob

familyghost - May 18, 2009, 8:19 pm
... Can you even measure that on a speedometer?

W. - liberals bring up how educated their candidates yet ignore an MBA from Harvard

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More motifakes by Agent K

Randy1 - September 23, 2009, 8:48 pm
The coast guard was there the second the winds died down. At least some parts of the government works for a living.
jupiter monkey - August 28, 2009, 6:37 pm
Hey spencer, kill yourself. Better yet, come down to New Orleans and we'll do it for you.
TheTrashHeap - August 28, 2009, 6:34 pm
So much for christian kindness and goodwill eh spencer?
spencer - August 28, 2009, 2:11 pm
I really don't give a flip about the people of orleans anyone that dumb to stay in a city 11 feet under sea level deserves what's coming to them. Plus it was hard to send support due to the fact that the city was flooded.
Neocon H8R - July 6, 2009, 4:19 am
Dear a name we texans dont all like W and not all of us want to secede. There is a lot of bible thumpers and christian loonies here wich made up most of his base (30%). I do love those swine flu tacos though. the swine flu gives them a spicy kick.
Truth in Advertising - July 2, 2009, 4:44 pm
In this case; M.B.A. = Money Buys Anything.
a name - July 2, 2009, 2:54 am
As a matter of fact, seeing as our nation's worst Presidents have come from Texas, I think we should let them secede like their governor keeps saying they should. Tell Mexico we say hi, and thanks for the tacos and swine flu!
a name - July 2, 2009, 2:51 am
Say whatever you want to say about Democrats, but after Hurricane Betty, Lyndon Johnson, who was an awful President, was at least there within 24 hours. Couple that with raising the deficit to over $10 trillion and you see why I don't vote GOP anymore
a name - July 2, 2009, 2:47 am
"media bashing everything President Bush did (some deserved, most undeserved)"...okay, you're really going to have to explain that one to me, because the Iraq War aside, he still waited 3 days to send aid to New Orleans after 80% of the city was flooded
Sean - July 1, 2009, 8:59 pm
Thanks, WTFO. Have a good evening.
WTFO - July 1, 2009, 8:58 pm
Gotta step out to feed the kids. Take care, Sean. We'll talk (type) at ya later.
Sean - July 1, 2009, 8:56 pm
Thanks. If I survive the night, we'll know that RON let is pass.
WTFO - July 1, 2009, 8:55 pm
things that drove this election. Great acronym by the way.
WTFO - July 1, 2009, 8:54 pm
enough voter fraud to sway the election because we don't use a popular vote method. In close districts, a few fraudulent votes can sway the district which helps drive the state's electoral votes. However, like I said, it was a combination of a lot of
Sean - July 1, 2009, 8:54 pm
ACORN, I have on dubuious authority, stands for: Anarchic Criminal Organization of RON's Numbskulls. I don't see, however, how that makes them a terrorist organization -- outside of Motifake, that is.
WTFO - July 1, 2009, 8:53 pm
Investigations are still ongoing. The wheels of justice are unfortunately slow here. As far as political motivations, the 14 states include some Democratic and some Republican run local govts, so I think it's driven by law. It's hard to tell if there was
Sean - July 1, 2009, 8:50 pm
ed to make a difference in a national election?
Sean - July 1, 2009, 8:50 pm
These 14 states that have charges against ACORN, assming there is nothing politcal about the initiation of any of those charges, anything proven as of yet? And do these allegations add up to the massive amount of voter fraud that would have been requir-
FTACHASER357 - July 1, 2009, 8:46 pm
SEAN ... To your posting here, YES, I believe ACORN was INVOVED in FAKE VOTES! I also BELIEVE that ACORN is a TERROIST ORGANIZATION and SHOULD BE WIPED OUT. :-)
WTFO - July 1, 2009, 8:44 pm
justify the means", in my view. But to be fair, there are plenty of politicians on both sides of the aisle that play by that rule.
WTFO - July 1, 2009, 8:43 pm
his promise to use govt campaign funds like McCain did. McCain stuck true to his word and only had $80M to spend. The Dems used a corrupt media, money, lies, slander, mud-slinging, voter fraud, and the race card to win. They are the party of "the ends
WTFO - July 1, 2009, 8:41 pm
(they were partially responsible but so were Dems). The media also assisted by never challenging the left's blame game by pointing out facts that led back to Dems mistakes that led to this crisis. 3. $700M for Obama to bash McCain when he backed out of
WTFO - July 1, 2009, 8:40 pm
of media bashing everything President Bush did (some deserved, most undeserved) followed by nothing but positive press coverage and even cheer-leading for Obama. 2. The economy tanking and American's misconception that the Reps were completely to blame
WTFO - July 1, 2009, 8:38 pm
Sean, ACORN certainly wasn't the only reason he won but they helped. 14 states have charges against ACORN for voter fraud. Obama's campaign provided $800K to ACORN. There are 3 main reason's (I believe) Obama was elected with zero experience. 1. 8 years
Sean - July 1, 2009, 8:36 pm
Obama, thanks to ACORN?
Sean - July 1, 2009, 8:35 pm
We know the standard Republican talking points on this: "there were some irregularities ... Obama has never come clean about the extent of his connection to ACORN" etc., but really ... is there any proof of even one faraudulent vote actually cast for ...
Sean - July 1, 2009, 8:33 pm
Just a question, WTFO: do you honestly believe that ACORN is responsible for Obabma's victory? (As per what is implied by what was likely -- to be fair -- a tongue in cheek remark: "Neither is rigging elections or "organizing a community".)
WTFO - July 1, 2009, 8:30 pm
TTH, when the 9/11 stuff is that far out of bounds with the conspiracy BS, it puts the whole work into question. It's all conspiracy theory and it's interesting nobody claimed credit or support for any of the crap they proposed.
FTACHASER357 - July 1, 2009, 8:28 pm
To this posting, YES, I agree with my posting!
Elder God Douchebag - July 1, 2009, 8:22 pm
..You're out of your goddamn mind, aren't you, FTA.
TheTrashHeap - July 1, 2009, 8:22 pm
Some aspects of that film make perfect sense. Not necessarily the 911 stuff but parts 1 and 3 were kind of eye openers.
WTFO - July 1, 2009, 8:16 pm
TTH, yep. I watched a good portion of that Piece of shit. Completely full of lies, BS and conspiracy theory. Don't tell me you were dumb enough to fall for some of that tripe?
FTACHASER357 - July 1, 2009, 8:07 pm
George W was CHOSEN by God to lead this ONCE GREAT COUNTRY. I am HAPPY he was! :-) And for those WHO think 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB....GET A LIFE!
TheTrashHeap - July 1, 2009, 7:55 pm
hey wtfo have you ever seen "zeitgeist"
WTFO - July 1, 2009, 7:53 pm
Neither is rigging elections or "organizing a community".
TheTrashHeap - July 1, 2009, 7:48 pm
Running companies into the ground isn't "holding a job"
WTFO - July 1, 2009, 7:39 pm
At least he held a job before being elected.
Paranoid - July 1, 2009, 7:16 pm
He was a fucking C student & failed 5 companies before being elected.


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Hawamleh - November 24, 2010, 9:48 am
I truly deserved a 1-lion mauling.
GreyScorpion - November 24, 2010, 8:00 am
we're our own worse critic, eh Hamski? saw your vote..;)

THE SUN - So thats what it looks like at night!

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More motifakes by Anonymous

Agent K - August 12, 2009, 4:07 pm
i really don't get the whole mislabeling countries and now earth......
CANADA - August 12, 2009, 4:06 pm
in celcius!! lol
CANADA - August 12, 2009, 4:06 pm
hey knowitall,im sure you and your timmy brotherin's combined IQ hovers right around the room temperature mark 'eh
knowitall - August 12, 2009, 3:56 pm
lol canadians are bright eh? haven't you seen the movie "Trailer Park Boys" or noticed how fucking cold it is in your country? y'all's IQ level is right up there with people from Ohio
knowitall - August 12, 2009, 3:55 pm
sean: canada's only meaningful purpose is shading America from the sun, hence it's nickname "America's hat"
Sean - April 8, 2009, 3:40 pm
Yeah, but due to how bright we Canadians are, it's a common misconception -- amongst Americans.
LogicDude - April 8, 2009, 3:36 pm
Of course it's bait...you can clearly see Canada right there (in the center, under those cloud thingies) and we KNOW that is not on the Sun!
Me. - April 8, 2009, 3:34 pm
its obvious that nobody is that stupid... this is called BAIT. please stop taking it people...
Abokasee - March 8, 2009, 3:26 am
Im pretty sure thats the Earth there, it would be pretty dam hot if this were the sun...

Teamwork -

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More motifakes by JesusWept

JesusWept - December 10, 2015, 10:36 am
Thanks :)
mizzdizz - December 10, 2015, 10:34 am
ROTFL! That's sick, twisted, and VERY VERY funny! LUV it! 5 LOL lions!

Time To Grow Up -

The L85A1 -

S.B.D. -

Step Two -

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MissPriss - February 11, 2016, 7:46 pm
Pretty sure if had been cut even the blind could still find it...hahaha.
NickDahlmier - February 11, 2016, 12:37 pm
Well, so long as it hasn't been cut yet....
Bolverk3778 - January 26, 2016, 8:39 pm
Very true. ask the Incumbent Politicians who have been in Congress, Senate or a Member of Parliament for more than two terms -Why are they still making the mistakes that they did when first elected- you will not get a straight reply.
GaryO - January 18, 2016, 9:51 pm
read the booklet (reqr'd reading)didn't get redeemable thing outta it. Those little springy wiresda hurt though
MissPriss - January 18, 2016, 9:32 pm
Secretly, that's always been my goal.
mizzdizz - January 18, 2016, 8:14 pm
HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Laughed so loud, I pissed off my touchy neighbor! Always fun to make him rant!!!!! 5 ROTFL lions and bonus points for pissing off the neighbor!
lgvernon - January 18, 2016, 3:18 pm

MissPriss - January 18, 2016, 2:18 pm
Ok, but did you get the cheez? Missed out if you didn't teehee
lgvernon - January 18, 2016, 2:15 pm

Been there, done that. Got the cane.