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You're making it cry.

Creator: Kevin

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Sean - August 17, 2008, 7:53 pm,
"nipple eyes" ... yet another thing (or pair of things) that can't be unseen. Sheesh.
Shtoink - August 17, 2008, 11:13 pm,
is he supposed to be a gay vampire? he has angalina jole lips, a bad haircut, and nipple eyes!
Motifake Wit Liberation Front - August 17, 2008, 11:44 pm,
This is an argument against both evolution and intelligent design.
Riley - August 18, 2008, 12:01 am,
And an argument for Roe v. Wade.
aPauling - August 18, 2008, 9:01 am,
Someone had Daddy issues.
LogicDude - October 15, 2008, 9:32 am,
WHY does this continue to exist? Can it not be banished in some way? PLEASE!?!?
Overlord Douchebag - October 15, 2008, 10:02 am,
It can be, to to be entirely honest, I'm too afraid to try to send that thing back. I mean..It's..Well, look at it.
IllicoPresto - June 2, 2009, 2:15 am,
KILL IT! Kill it with fire! Let's go, chop-chop!!
Logic Man - July 21, 2009, 12:21 pm,
That is Carrot Top's little brother....he cleaned up after Daddy was done with Carrot's dark hole
Weapon X - August 6, 2009, 8:40 pm, first glance I thought he was trying to "bite"(no pun intended...well maybe just a little bit...) the Wolverine tiger stripe look. Proof positive, you don't have to be a REAL vampire to suck...
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